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Redeem your cannabis prescription here
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The electronic prescription has been introduced! What changes will this bring?

From 1 January 2024, prescriptions for prescription medicines in Germany must be issued in digital form, the e-prescription. It replaces the traditional paper prescription.

Important to know: Narcotics will continue to be issued on a special BtM paper prescription until further notice. With the reclassification of cannabis as a non-narcotic from 1 April, it can also be prescribed by e-prescription from this date.

The complete switch to e-prescriptions for narcotics is not planned until mid-2025. This article explains the specific changes from 1 April, the benefits for patients, pharmacies and doctors and the reasons why the „electronic prescription“ is still partly available in paper form. We will update this article regularly.

The e-prescription: digital, secure, fast... and uncomplicated!

Since 1 January 2024, it has been necessary for doctors to provide prescriptions to pharmacies in digital form. The introduction of the e-prescription represents an important step in the digitalisation of the healthcare system and aims to make the process more efficient by saving time and shortening distances. The e-prescription is intended to simplify many aspects of medication provision in the future.

The e-prescription is stored digitally by the doctor and can be called up and redeemed in various ways: either by showing a printout with a QR code in the pharmacy or by showing the QR code on the smartphone display if the app „Das E-Rezept“ is installed.

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It´s even easier: the prescription code can also be called up via the health card. The pharmacy can then read the card and display all prescriptions that have not yet been filled. Customers can decide whether they want to obtain the medication from different pharmacies, even if they are on the same prescription. A maximum of three medicines can be prescribed per e-prescription. E-prescriptions are currently only mandatory for people with statutory health insurance, but it is expected that private health insurers will soon follow suit.

The Federal Ministry of Health uses the telematics infrastructure (TI) of the healthcare system to transmit e-prescriptions. The e-prescription data is encrypted and securely stored during digital transmission. The Federal Office for Information Security also considers the e-prescription to be secure. Advantages of the e-prescription at a glance

The e-prescription not only offers security against counterfeiting, but also significantly simplifies processes in doctors´ surgeries and pharmacies. It also brings considerable advantages for patients. With the e-prescription app, they can simply send the prescription to their favourite pharmacy.

This saves patients time and effort by avoiding unnecessary journeys. In the case of regular follow-up prescriptions, the treating doctor can also renew the e-prescription digitally, which eliminates the need for a doctor´s visit in such cases.

Simply send us a copy of the prescription or the QR code in advance. This allows us to check availability and reserve your product in advance.

Other functions are also planned for the future, such as automated reminders to take medication, digital medication plans and continuous interaction checks. The e-prescription is not limited to prescription drugs. It is currently also possible to prescribe non-prescription medicines electronically (green prescriptions). It is also planned that other medical services such as remedies and aids as well as home nursing care will gradually be able to be prescribed and billed electronically. Advantages of the e-prescription at a glance

For patients:

  • Greater flexibility and less effort: uncomplicated, fast and secure transmission of prescription and health information at the click of a mouse.
  • More efficient processes: Save time when ordering and receiving medication.
  • Problem-free follow-up prescriptions: Digital transmission without further doctor´s visits.
  • Possibility for fully virtual doctor´s visits with digital prescription issuing.

For doctors and pharmacies:

  • Acceleration and increased efficiency of internal processes.
  • More time and capacity for customer support and advice.

The telematics infrastructure (TI) networks all parties involved in the healthcare system and enables access to medical information. Insured person master data management (VSDM) stores basic insured person data, while diagnostic, emergency and medication information is only accessible with the consent of the insured person.

How to obtain your first e-prescription:

After the consultation with the doctor, when the medication has been determined and all questions have been clarified, you usually receive your prescription. In future, the e-prescription will be created digitally and transferred directly to the app; on request, you will also receive a printout with the QR code. The e-prescription is not stored on the health card, but only in the app, which is made accessible via the health card. This means that the pharmacy can use the card to see which e-prescriptions are stored without the need for a PIN.

You can then simply go to the pharmacy and either have your health card scanned, open the app and show the QR code or, if your smartphone battery is empty, present the paper printout. And the e-prescription is then redeemed.

The prescription is made available in the app and on the health card as quickly as it is uploaded by the doctor. If you want to redeem the prescription directly after the doctor´s visit, you should ask the doctor to sign it immediately.

FAQ about the e-prescription:

If you have technical questions about the e-prescription or its implementation, you can find support at, where a hotline of the operator or a contact form is available. The Bundesvereinigung Deutscher Apothekerverbände e.V.also offers a comprehensive FAQ for pharmacies that covers all essential questions.information for medical staff:

The e-prescription makes everyday life easier for doctors by:

  • Automatic completeness check in the practice management system (PVS).
  • Digital signature with the health professional card and PIN.
  • The e-prescription interface is integrated in over 90% of PVS systems.
  • Simple activation and seamless documentation of medication.
  • Improved medication safety through electronic checks.

The e-prescription saves time by eliminating the need for manual signatures and reduces administrative tasks, leaving more time for patient care and relieving the burden on staff. It also simplifies the implementation of telemedicine, which will make care easier in the future.