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Medical cannabis

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    * For this, your valid prescription must be available at our pharmacy. The time refers to working days and assumes a punctual delivery by delivery person.
    Proceed as follows:
    • Load your recipe here high
    • We will calculate the price immediately and send you the information by email.
    • You have the option to pay for the prescription or co-pay now by bank transfer or online (Our email includes a link for convenient online payment).
      Up to this point, the process is non-binding for you.
    • You make the payment and send us your original prescription by mail.
    • Directly after receipt, we will send your cannabis to your home.
    Please click Products to view the live stock and check if your variety is available.
    Our pharmacy offers
    Medi NowMeta Lytic
    Our current flowers
    Peace Naturals Cocoa Bomba 27/1
    Cocoa Bomba (Hybrid)
    Per gram
    PZN: 18885275
    Amici SB 29/1
    Stawberry Banana (Hybrid)
    Per gram
    PZN: 18313662
    Navcora THC22 Spotlight Porto (Galaxy Walker)
    Galaxy Walker (Hybrid)
    Per gram
    PZN: 16767643
    Free delivery
    You are welcome to send your original BtM prescription by registered mail to the following address:
    Station pharmacy
    Post road 21
    53111 Bonn
    After we receive your prescription, you are ready to go. We will arrange a suitable delivery date and in 1-2 days you should receive the order.

    Shipping by our logistics partners GO! and DHL from an order value of 100€ for you free of charge:

    Request a complimentary envelope via our contact form or by email to
    Free delivery and prescription service in the greater Bonn area by our messenger service:
    Our company-owned vehicles are ready to pick up your prescriptions from your preferred location. Use our contact form or email us at and provide us with your location. We will get back to you!
    Your visit to the Bahnhof Apotheke
    You can also fill your prescription at the Bahnhof Apotheke.

    Please note that there may be waiting times here and you may not be able to take your product directly. If you send us your prescription in advance, we can prepare everything for you and inform you as soon as everything is ready.

    Cannabis ab 1. April kein BTM mehr!

    Der Bundesrat hat nun final dafür gestimmt, dass das Cannabisgesetz (kurz CanG) wie geplant am 1.4.2024 in Kraft treten kann.

    Cannabis und die potenziell auftretenden Wechselwirkungen bei Polymedikation

    Bei der Behandlung von Palliativpatienten, die häufig unter Polymedikation stehen, wird zunehmend medizinisches Cannabis zur Linderung von Symptomen eingesetzt.

    Einsatz von medizinischem Cannabis bei chronischen Darmerkrankungen

    Die Verwendung von medizinischem Cannabis in der Behandlung von chronischen Darmentzündungen wie Morbus Crohn und Colitis ulcerosa ist ein zunehmend diskutiertes Thema.